Distortion vs. Power for 4 T-Amps
8 Ohm Load

This interesting graph shows power vs. distortion for the T-Amps under test. We can see that the 3 amps driven by the TA2024 chip have similar power. The AMP6 with the TA2020 chip has a little more power, but this is to be expected, as the AMP6 was supplied at 14.2V vs. 12V for the other 3 amps.

This test is at 21 Hz, a low and difficult point. The graphs are a little better at 2 kHz.

The spike seen on the AMP6 line is an oscillation at 500mW power. Not known if this is the chip or the surrounding circuit.

Each amp curve has a break point where the distortion rises quickly, a bit different for each amp. The break point is where the amp goes into soft clipping. Power measured here seems lower than my previous measurements and calculations, perhaps due to larger PSU caps used in my earlier measurements. Further investigation needed.

Please see NOTES page for further information.

Audio Precision measurement by Evan Shultz.
Copyright 2006 Evan Shultz/Michael Mardis - all rights reserved

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