The Carolina Audio Mailing List

Calling all Carolina audionuts! How would you like to join a little mailing list and have info about Carolina audio came to you?

Don't miss any more shows, get together or shindigs in the Carolinas because you didn't hear about them until it was over. This has happened to me too often.
This is just a simple email list to help us keep up with what's going on in the Carolinas, North and South. Those of you in Southern VA are invited, too.

This is not meant to replace or compete with the online forums in any way, this list is just so that there will be ONE place to get info and audio news that is local to us Carolinians.
Maybe this will even prompt a few more get togethers and listening sessions. Let's hope so!

The traffic on this list should not be heavy and should not fill up you email box. Mostly it is just meant so that we can all keep in touch and let each other know what's going on. As soon as I get some junk cleared out of my workshop/listening room, I'll post on the mailing list to invite y'all over to hear my Altec A5 system. Let's hope there will be more sharing and listening around the 2 states in the coming year. There's a lot of us out there, we just need to know where and when to meet. If you don't feel comfortable inviting other audiophools over, no worries. Just keep in touch and let us know of any events you might happen to hear about.

About the List

If you click in the button below you should be signed up for the Google Group list. I suggest signing up for a daily digest email.
The list is hosted thru Google Groups which seemed to be the best bet. I will administer the list, but for the most part it will be automated. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time. All privacy right respected. This list will not be sold, traded of used for any purpose other than this audio list. To begin with the list is set so that you can post or reply to the whole group, or just the message sender. We will see how this works out. Settings can be changed at any time if we don't like them.

Please sign up and let any other Carolina audio folk know about this list list and this sign up page. Thanks! Michael Mardis AKA "Panomaniac"

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